Digital Automatic Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer

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  • Features
  • Designed to correct voltage and reduce electricity bills with unmatched excellence.
  • Exceptionally productive
  • Extremely rugged construction
  • Superior design


  • Accessories / Options For Servo Stabilizer
  • Audio Alarm at extreme input voltage.
  • Line noise and surge suppressor
  • Ultra isolation transformer at the output
  • Healthy phase selector
  • Harmonic filter for the non-linear road.
  • Input out of range protection
  • EMI /RFI Filter
  • Phase sequence protection
  • Non-Standard rate of correction
  • Bypass feature
  • Automatic Voltage Correction
  • Better efficiency with fewer production losses.
  • Increase the productivity rate.
  • 100% deprecation, as per the income tax act.
  • Electricity bills are reduced by approximately up to 20%
  • Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer's average payback period is merely about 18 months.


Technical Specification

  • Input Voltage: - 340-480V, 300-500V, 360-460V Or 380-480V Line to Line, 3 Phase 4 Wire or as per specified by the customer.
  • Output Voltage:- 415±1% line to line nominal or as specified by the customer.
  • Rate Of correction:- 16-100V/sec line to line
  • Response Time:- 10 msec
  • Efficiency:- 98% at full load.
  • Protections: – over Voltage & under voltage Cut-off, overload, Short circuit and single Phasing Preventer.
  • Output Voltage Adjustment:-  +/- 10 V.
  • Frequency:- 47-63 HZ & operating temperature 15’C to 50’C
  • Waveform distortion:- Nil
  • Class C Surge Suppressor.
  • Servo Motor drive:- AC Synchronous Motor.
  • Effect of Load Power Factor:- Nil
  • Insulation Class:-B.
  • The offered unit has an LCD display showing input/output voltages and load current along with Fault/trip messages.