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MaterialStainless SteelCable Tray CoatingGalvanized CoatingColorSilver
Our Ladder and Perforated type Cable Tray provides reliable cable support in a corrosive application. Both polyester and vinyl ester resinsystems are available and all components incorporating U. V. stabilizer and a surfacing veil to resist a corrosive atmosphere.
The cable trays manufactured by us are from pultruded sections profiles of fiberglass these pultruded sections help in reducing cost
achieving quality perfection for optimum performance of the tray.
From power plants to fertilizer industries paper mills to refineries to laboratories the sound electrical design requires an adaptable cable
support system that is reliable. Above all durability and resistance to corrosion lead to lower costs during the life of the installation.
Corrosion resistance
Strength & durability
Fire retardant
Light Weight
U.V. Stabilities
Long Life